Episode 18: Industry – Paul Klein

August 27, 2016

Catherine Edelman and Paul Klein discuss how he became an art coach, and what he provides artists to help them be successful.

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Episode 17: Industry – Roberta Kramer

August 13, 2016

Catherine Edelman and Roberta Kramer, of Roberta Kramer & Associates, discuss the role of art appraisers and how values are determined.

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Episode 16: Industry - Gary Metzner

July 30, 2016

In this episode, Catherine Edelman and Gary Metzner discuss the differences between art dealers and auction houses, and their respective markets.

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Episode 15: Industry - Jennifer Murray

July 16, 2016

Catherine Edelman and Jennifer Murray discuss the mission of Filter Photo and the importance of quality portfolio reviews and workshops.

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Episode 14: Industry - Tony Karman

July 2, 2016

Catherine Edelman and Tony Karman, the President and Director of Expo Chicago, discuss the importance of art fairs and how Expo Chicago differentiates itself from other fairs throughout the world.

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Episode 13: Industry - Patti Gilford

June 18, 2016

Catherine Edelman and Patti Gilford discuss the role of an art advisor and what inspires her after being in business for more than 30 years.

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